Information for Support Crews

Support crews

The organisers advise all competitors support crews that the following parking places are available en route. Please park sensibly.

The Black Hut.

In the small car park on the right or on the grassed verge to the south of the corner. Please do not park close to the bend or on the northern side as this will restrict runners and approaching motorists visibility.


There are plenty of spaces in this area including an area accessed from the Tholt Y Will Road.


Fairly restricted space by the cattle grid. Parking is ok on the hill. Please do not park bellow the cattle grid.

Please note that all support crews should avoid trying to park at Greeba Bridge. There is very limited space here and that will be required for the race officials. Water will be available for all competitors here.

St Johns Station Car Park

Plenty of room here.

Round Table Cross Roads

Because of the new route competitors will be crossing the road twice here. Please park to the south and well clear of the cross roads.


Limited space on the corner.


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